To the brave ones,

the enslaved ones,

the ones who’ve lost their way.

The flying high

four-car guy

who never has to pay.


The anxious girl,

The Fucked Up World,

The  glorified,

The gay.

The non-descript, front-tooth chipped, pissed up

every day.


The photoshopped,

the breast lift opped.

The tanned,

the pale,

the grey.

The thread-veined, see-through, cling film hands

that fought

and held

and prayed…

The empaths

And the egos,

the cleaners short of pay.

The top-floor corner office bitch,

Euphoric kids at play.


Strong in our words.

Firm in our truths.

Togetherness our way.

We’ll laugh,

We’ll dance,

We’ll share,

We’ll sing:



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